Burden of Selfhood

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RFP: IDEAS Series @ the Qualcomm Institute
PROJECT: Burden of Selfhood, an Experimental Video Documentary
COLLABORATORS: Heidi Kayser, Fernanda Navarro, Amy Rae Fox, Sarah Ciston
WORK: Custom software, video, animation and sound for a 32 HD Monitor Visualization Wall

As part of the IDEAS Series, the multi-disciplinary media project Burden of Selfhood, by Stefani Byrd, Heidi Kayser, Fernanda Navarro, Amy Rae Fox and Sarah Ciston, was  made for the 32 Monitor Visualization Wall at the Qualcomm Institute in San Diego. The project explored the cultural phenomenon of “make-up tutorial videos” on YouTube, through scholarly research coupled with video, animation, sound and digitally-mediated performance.

Custom software was written in Processing, animations were made in AfterEffects and original sound was created through the use of midi-controlled piano, called a Disklavier.

Video, Software: Heidi Kayser
Video, Projection Mapping: Stefani Byrd
Animation, Data Analysis: Amy Rae Fox
Text, Graphic Design: Sarah Ciston
Sound, Disklavier: Fernanda Navarro

Watch the Highlights Reel »

With grateful acknowledgments to:
Anonymous research participants
Nadir Weibel & Steven Rick, UCSD Ubiquitous Computing Lab
UCSD Design Lab
Calit2/Qualcomm Institute staff
UCSD music department staff for Disklavier access
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